Valid from 25th of May 2018


When visiting our website information is collected about you. This is used in order to create better targeted content. If you do not want us to collect information we ask you to delete your cookies and avoid using the website. You can block cookies by activating settings in your browser which gives you permission to reject cookies. If you are blocking every cookie, you have to be aware that it can affect the visibility of some content on the site. Below you will find more specific information about which type of information we collect, the purpose of why we do it as well as which third parties who are able to access the information.


The website is using “cookies”. Cookies is a text file which is saved on your computer, mobile or similar in order to recognize the device, the settings, create statistics and target advertising. Cookies cannot contain damaging code like virus.


Our website is using cookies. The purpose of using cookies is to improve your experience on the website as well as optimizing the content you are seeing depending on your actions on the website. When you continue your search on the website you are accepting the cookies policy. Cookies are not a program running on your device but small amounts of ‘text data’, which is sent back and forth from your computer, phone or similar.


We are only using the most necessary types of cookies – this means cookies which are required for our website to run smoothly. Furthermore we are using cookies that can provide us with information about your actions on our website. This type of information is used in relation to development and optimization of the website. The same type of cookies can moreover be used for marketing and communication through third parties as Facebook where we can target relevant messages, ads and offers towards you


Analytical and presentation cookies give us the possibility to recognize and count the number of users visiting the website as well as how they are navigating on the site. This is useful in order to make sure that our customers in the best possible way are finding what they are looking for on the site. Because of the collected user information we are able to further develop the technology and thereby create the best possible user-experience.


Targeted cookies are used in order to track which links you are following as well as where you are moving on the website. This is done in order to target certain functions towards you. This type of information can be shared with third parties. Be aware that third parties are using cookies as well which we are not in control of. We have decided to share data with third parties to improve our knowledge about the users on the website as well as to improve insights and communication later on.


We are not collecting any information you have not provided yourself. All information is of course treated confidentially and is not shared without your consent.
Use of personal information
We are using personal information in order to send out newsletters, invitations to events as well as follow ups on those. This includes phone calls too.

Analytical and presentation cookies

Name Explanation Domain Life span Purpose
_s Is used in relation to conversation analysis on all our “Download app” buttons. 20 years Analysis and goal tracking
fr Facebook tracking cookie is used for sending targeted ads to those who are visiting our website. They are also used to exclude them from seeing our ads. 3 months Retargeting and marketing
LinkedIn tracking cookies is used for targeted ads towards the ones visiting us. It is used for analysis as well. 6 months Retargeting, marketing and analysis
L1c Pure session cookie tWhen the session runs out Analysis
BizoNetworkPartnerIndex Analysis 6 months Analysis
_gat_UA-******* Is used in order to limit the number of inquiries to (Google Ads) 1 minute Retargeting and marketing
_gid Is used to differentiate between users (not person allocated) 24 hours Tracking and behavioral analysis
_ga  Is used to differentiate between returning users (not person allocated) 2 years Tracking and behavioral analysis
_hjIncludedInSample  Is used by HotJar to include the users in behavior analysis - or exclude them. Current visit Tracking and behavioral analysis